Are you interested in practicing Chinese outside of the classroom? Want to connect with other Chinese learners on campus and get to know your Chinese professors? Like going to China Town? Well JOIN THE CHINESE TABLE!!! 

What is the Chinese Table?

The Chinese Table is a weekly event where Chinese learners of all levels come, eat dinner and practice speaking casual Chinese for an hour! Chinese professors will be in attendance for some of our meetings, so you will be able to build relationships with them as well! NATIVE SPEAKERS AND PROFESSORS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!! 

We plan several excursions during the semester as well, for example, going to restaurants, China Town, Harvard Square and Waltham. In addition, there are also intercollegiate Tables that allow students to connect with Chinese learners all over the area.

The Chinese Table meets every Tuesday at 8pm and Thursday at 6pm in Upper Usdan (in front of Curritos).
If you have any questions or concerns please email Elyse Jackson at
You can find us on Facebook here for event updates and new words of the week: