BA/BS MAT Application checklist

  1. Complete undergrad requirements/graduate by fall semester.
  2. Start application through GSAS
  3. Select program*:
    1. Education | Elementary Education (Bachelors/M.A.T. for Brandeis Undergraduates) / Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's
    2. Education | Secondary Education (Bachelors/M.A.T. for Brandeis Undergraduates) / Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's 
  4. Upload requirements: CV, Essay, unofficial transcript (GRE waived), recommendation letters.
  5. Fill out self audit forms below and submit to
  6. Fill out an undergraduate degree completion audit with the education advisor
  7. Submit application (application fee waived)
    1. Early decision: Formal application must be submitted by December 1, complete by Dec. 31. MAT will decide by mid-January. If admitted, you have 30 days to accept.
    2. Regular application due by January 30.
  8. Prepare for an interview.
  9. Coordinate with Students Financial Services about undergraduate financial aid for summer, fall.
  10. If admitted, you will receive and offer of admission from the Education Program and GSAS.
  11. Apply for need-based aid for spring & summer. Merit & alumni scholarships will be automatically awarded.
  12. Contact Registrar to change your graduation date to February.

*Applicants for the Delet/Jewish day schools program should select from elementary or secondary concentrations.