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Cindy Ballenger

Cindy Ballenger
Dr. Cindy Ballenger is a Lecturer in Education.  She teaches in the Elementary concentration of the MAT program:  ED 107a - Teaching and Learning Reading in Elementary and Preschools. 
ann e blais

Ann E. Blais
Ann E. Blais is a Lecturer in Education.  She teaches in the MAT secondary program:  ED 268a - Pedagogy of English, and ED 263a - Reflective Teaching.
tara brown 

Tara Brown

ASAC 216
(781) 736-2046

Tara M. Brown is an Assistant Professor of Education. She is an affiliate with the Heller School and the Women's and Gender Studies and African and African American Studies Departments.  Her research focuses on urban education, race, class, and gender in education, and school discipline and dropout.  Her courses include ED 170: Critical Perspectives in Urban Education and HS 323f: Participatory Action Research.

Allison Dover
Allison Dover is a Lecturer in Education and teaches the MAT secondary program: ED 264a - Foundations of Education.
kerry dunne

Kerry Dunne
Kerry Dunne is a Lecturer in Education.   She teaches in the MAT secondary program: ED 269a - Pedagogy of History.  She is currently the K-12 Social Studies Director for the Arlington Public Schools. 
Leandra Elion

Leandra Elion



Leandra is a Lecturer in Education. She received an MS in special education from Long Island University in New York and an MEd in Reading from Salem State College.  She has consulted on special education issues to day schools and the Bureau of Education of Greater Boston.
Helen Featherstone

Helen Featherstone

ASAC 220
(781) 736-8519
Helen is a visiting Professor in the Education Program. She teaches ED 165 - Reading (and talking back to) Research on Education, and ED 267 - Fundamentals of Teaching.
sharon feiman nemser

Sharon Feiman-Nemser

Mandel Center
(781) 736-2946
Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Mandel Professor of Jewish Education at Brandeis University, is the Director of the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education.

Tom Heyman
Tom Heyman is a Lecturer in Education. He teaches Inquiry-Based Science Teaching and Learning.
Shoshana Jacobs

Shoshana Jacobs
Shoshana is currently a Literacy Coach at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton, MA.  Shoshana has been coaching and mentoring teachers for the past eleven years in the Boston Public Schools and in a Jewish day school setting.

Leila Joseffer
Leila Joseffer is a Lecturer in Education in the MAT program. Her areas of interest are language and literacy development. She is also a full-time reading specialist in the Belmont elementary schools.

Orit Kent
Orit Kent is a Lecturer in Education and a Senior Research Associate at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education. As a teacher educator and researcher, she works with teachers on developing their approaches to teaching texts and constructing productive group learning experiences.
Noreen Leibson

Noreen Leibson

Mandel 121
(781) 736-2099
Noreen is the DeLeT faculty leader and comes to the Mandel Center after twenty years as the Education Director at Temple Beth Abraham, a Conservative synagogue in Nashua, NH. She has also worked as an informal Jewish educator and yoetzet at Camp Ramah in New England for ten summers.
marya levenson

Marya Levenson

ASAC 217
(781) 736-2001

Marya R. Levenson  is Professor of the Practice in Education and the Harry S. Levitan Director of the Brandeis Education Program. She was a teacher in the Boston Public Schools, principal of Newton North High School, and superintendent of the North Colonie Schools.

jon levisohn

Jon A. Levisohn

ASAC 123
(781) 736-2941
Jon A. Levisohn is Assistant Professor of Jewish Education in the Department of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies.  He has taught in middle school and has served as a consultant to K-8 Jewish day schools.  
Lesley Litman

Lesley Litman

Lesley Litman is a Lecurer in Education. She has a consulting practice in Jewish education most recently with a focus on Israel education. She was, until August, 2009, the founding Executive Director of the Hebrew at the Center: Advancing Hebrew Teaching and Learning in Boston.  Lesley has extensive experience as a Jewish educator in a wide range of Jewish educational settings including congregations, day schools, informal education and the Reform Movement.

Susan Mayer

Susan Mayer
Susan Mayer is a Lecturer in Education.  She teaches ED 157b: The Psychology of Student Learning. Susan’s K-12 experience has been primarily in secondary and alternative curriculum development.
Alexa Miller

Alexa Miller


Beth Naditch
Rabbi Beth Naditch is a Lecturer in Education. She teaches Jewish text as a member of the faculty of the DeLeT/MAT program.  
nili pearlmutter

Nili Pearlmutter
Nili Pearlmutter is a Lecturer in Education and Senior Education Specialist at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education.  She teaches the Fundamentals of Teaching course for the MAT/JDS-DeLeT program.  She received her B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and her Master of Science in Teaching from Wheelock College.  She taught at the elementary level in both Jewish day schools and public schools before coming to Brandeis in 2003.
Susan Rauchwerk

Susan Rauchwerk

Sussan Rauchwerk is a Lecturer in Education. She teaches Inquiry-Based Science Teaching and Learning. 
joe reimer

Joseph Reimer

KUTZ 133a
(781) 736-2996

Professor Joseph Reimer has been at Brandeis since 1986 where he has been director of the Hornstein Program and the Institute for Informal Jewish Education. Trained as a developmental psychologist at Harvard, he has written several books and many articles on moral education, kibbutz education and Jewish education. He is considered by many as a leading expert on experiential  Jewish education.

dirck roosevelt

Dirck Roosevelt

ASAC 219
(781) 736-2050
Dirck Roosevelt (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program and Associate Professor of Education.  Before coming to Brandeis in 2004, he was on the Educational Studies faculty at the University of Michigan.  He taught at the elementary level and was an administrator in public schools and at the Prospect School in Vermont for many years.

Ned Rossiter
Ned Rossiter is a Lecturer in Education and teaches in the MAT secondary program: ED 267 - Fundamentals of Teaching. 
Faye Ruopp

Faye Ruopp
Faye Ruopp is a Lecturer in Education.  She teaches ED 262a - Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Classrooms.  She is also co-leader of Math and Mentoring, a cooperative project of Brandeis and the Waltham Public Schools.

Lisa Schneier
Lisa Schneier was a high school teacher in the Boston Public Schools for 12 years. Her subject matter focus was English and writing, but she also taught basic literacy and math skills. She earned her Doctorate in Education under the supervision of Eleanor Duckworth at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She studied Duckworth's methodology of "Critical Exploration," which was developed from the work of Jean Piaget.
Kathryn Sillman

Kathryn Sillman
Kathy Sillman is a Lecturer in Education and Teacher Education Specialist (Elementary).  She works with interns during their field placements, teaches ED 263b, and supports MAT graduates during the induction phase of their careers.  She has experience teaching in public schools and working on curriculum development in Massachusetts and New York.
francesca stark

Francesca Stark
Francesca Stark teaches in the MAT-Jewish Day School/DeLeT program:  Creating Classroom Culture. She has been a 4th grade teacher and reading specialist for the Brookline Schools since 1993. 
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Eileen Kell

ASAC 215
(781) 736-2002
Eileen Kell is the Senior Department Coordinator for the Education Program.  She has taught middle school English Language Arts and drama in both public and independent schools.
 Manuel Tuan

Manuel Tuan

ASAC 218
(781) 736-2022

Manuel Tuan is the MAT Program Coordinator. Prior to coming to Brandeis, he worked as a Research Assistant at Tufts Medical Center. He grew up in the Philippines where he earned a B.A. in Philosophy and completed his coursework in an MBA program.  
Deb Laufer

Deb Laufer

Mandel 114
(781) 736-2081 

Deb Laufer is the DeLeT Program Coordinator at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education . Graduating in 2008 from Brandeis, she earned a B.A. in Sociology, concentrating in social justice and policy. As an Undergraduate, she was a Hillel leader, community adviser, student union member, and rugby team captain. Deb is excited to be working at the Mandel Center and is interested in future careers with non-profit organizations.