2017 Teacher Research Presentations and Graduation Celebration

Introduction to the Research Presentations

Megan Armstrong
Fostering Academic Responsibility: Homework in an Elementary School 

Curtis Drew Baker
Independent Math Engagement 

Witney N. Christie
Keeping 1st Graders Interested in Learning

Rachel Mae Dillon
Freshman Reflections: Creating Critical Consumers in the 9th Grade English Classroom (and Beyond!)

Anna Duey
I Don’t Have Any Questions: How to Generate Student Questions in a Science Classroom

Rachel Anne Fuerstman
Practice What You Preach: Explicitly and Implicitly Teaching for Social Justice

Julia Michelle Goldberg
The Two R’s of Stopping Classroom Disruption: Responses and Relationships

Allison Hecht
Let’s Get Moving!

Yanqiu Hou
Is Technology a Silver Bullet for Teaching & Learning Chinese?

Yuqing Hou
The Charm of Integrating Chinese Songs into Chinese Language Learning

Laura Ann John
Increasing Student Engagement in a Social Studies Classroom

Zhen Lei
Magic Power of a Safe Learning Environment

Caroline Rose Less
Let’s Talk About It: How Verbal and Auditory Activities Can Impact Students’ Understanding of a Text

Ling Li
Authentic Materials: Another Way to Increase Students’ Motivation and Self-Satisfaction

Sarah Adriana Maillet
Equal and Opposite Forces: Balancing Student Inquiry and Structured Work in a Differentiated Science Classroom
David Moon
Classroom Management and Classroom Culture

Catherine Novas
Como?! What?!

James Petrakis
Homework in the Biology Classroom: Am I Helping My Students with My Assignments?

Alexandra Scott
Creating Enthusiastic Readers by Making Reading Social

Meg Trau Serrano
Authentic Assessment for Students with Test Anxiety

Thaviny Terry Shaipitisiri
Someone Who Looks Like Me: Race as a Motivational Factor

John Hennessey Stathis
Promoting Engagement and Enthusiasm in a Middle School Science Classroom
Victoria Tran
Let’s Jump and Shout!: Movement and Learning in the Classroom

Stephanie Weinstein
Creating Smooth Transitions

Allison Lois Wessells
Beyond Face Value: Character Development in Classroom and School Culture

Gabriela Liat Yeshua

Eric Young
Class Meetings in the High School History Classroom

Recognition of the Candidates