We are pleased to report that 100% of interns in Cohort 2017-18 who were seeking jobs in teaching are now gainfully employed. 

2018 Teacher Research Presentations and Graduation Celebration

Introduction to the Research Presentations

Mayan Baram
Reading Comprehension in Hebrew Class

Jessie Brunett
The Sound of Engagement: Sparking Culturally Relevant Beats with Hip-Hop Music and Student Engagement (Part One/Part Two)

Gwendolyn Aurora Coiley
Turn and Talk: Using Discussion Strategies to Increase the Participation of Quieter Students

Elizabeth Mary Defossez
Making Math Fun: Effects of Whole-Class Engagement Strategies

Efraim Diamond
Talking About Talking

Jialu Du
Teaching and Learning Chinese with Board Games (Part One/Part Two)

Tan Gao
Teaching Chinese to the Chinese: Heritage Learners in a Language Classroom (Part One/Part Two)

Lindsey Ann Goodwin
What are the Effects of Online Homework?: Barriers and Solutions to Student Math Homework Completion

Lars Arden Henke
Integrating Diverse Female Voices into Curricula

Rachael Jean Hershon
Motivation and Engagement in a Project-Based Classroom

Kiana Jane Khozein
Guiding Discovery: An Analysis of Inquiry Based Learning in Secondary Mathematics (Part One/Part Two)

Rachel Lynn Kriegsman
Let's Get Moving- The Impact of Movement Breaks in a First Grade Classroom

Alexa Langen
Making Space: The Impact of Student-Led Conversation Groups

Xiaoting Lyu
Improve Reading Comprehension in a Mandarin Class: The Use of Graphic Organizers

Steven Joseph Magenheim
Four Frames: My Guide to a Successful Elementary Math Class (Part One/Part Two)

Katherine Jane Quinn
Homework in a High School Physics Classroom: Links to Grades and Engagement

Abigail Lauren Rothstein
Scaffolding for Social Justice

Kirsten Leah Vickey
Aligning Assessments with New Standards: Group Assessment in High School Science

Lilian Wang
The Power of Music: A Reflection on the Use of Music in the Classroom and Its Effect on Student Behavior

Amelia McIntosh Whalen
Read It and Reap the Rewards: How Increasing Accountability, Productivity, and Motivation Changed the Attitudes of My Students

Junyao Wu
Electronic Writing in Middle School Chinese Class

Recognition of the Candidates