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“Some people are called to teaching. They have known for a long time, even since childhood, that teaching is where they belong. Others don’t discover teaching until much later, perhaps not until after they have tried a number of paths, or have found themselves on no path at all. But then, at some point, something clicks, and they say, ‘Yes. I need to teach. I have something to give as a teacher.’ "

        “The Brandeis MAT welcomes your interest, whether you are a recent BA or a career-changer, someone who has known “forever” that teaching is for you or someone who is just now thinking about this enormously important, challenging, and rewarding profession."

        “Teaching will test you. Sometimes it will make your head hurt. But sometimes it will make your heart soar, and sometimes it will give you the chance to see the world, or a subject matter you love, in a whole new way. It allows you to continue growing. Above all, it allows you to make a difference in young people’s lives, day in and day out."

        “Come visit. If teaching is for you, maybe you should work with us.”

--Professor Dirck Roosevelt, Director, MAT

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Roosevelt Speaks on Art and Education -  March 16, 2009

Professors Dirck Roosevelt (Education, MAT), Andreas Teuber (Philosophy), Mark Auslander (Anthropology, Cultural Production), and Kathryn Graddy (IBS) joined Michael Rush (Henry and Lois Foster Director, Rose Art Museum) and distinguished guests Stephen Greenblatt (Harvard; Will in the World;etc.), Robert Pinsky (former Poet Laureate of the United States) and Claire Messud (The Emperor’s Children) in an interdisciplinary symposium, Preserving Trust: Art and the Art Museum amidst Financial Crisis, at the Rose Art Museum.. Read more.