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Education faculty presented papers and responded to colleagues' papers at the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA), in San Diego, CA, April 12-17, 2009

Professor Dirck Roosevelt (Elementary Education; Director, MAT) delivered a paper, "Purposes that Outrun Evidence': Making Space for the Imagination in Teaching and Learning to Teach." The research site for this paper was "Making Art," a project of the Public Elementary MAT program in collaboration with the Rose Art Museum.  Employing a Deweyan framework of analysis, the paper explores why and how beginning teachers might choose to make support of children's exercises of will, creativity, and desire central to their practice.  For more information, contact the author at

Erin Tamir (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Mandel Center) addressed "Choosing to Teach: Enacting Values in Practice" Study - A Comparison of Context-Specific Teacher Education Programs Preparing Beginning Teachers to Serve in Jewish, Catholic and Urban Public Schools.

The research reported in this paper has been part of the Choosing to Teach Study, a study supported by a grant from the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University.  For more details go to:

Additionally, Education faculty Sharon Feimain-Nemser (Mandel Center, MAT DeLeT, Elementary Education) and Roosevelt served as respondents at several sessions, including "Critical Reflections in Pre-service Teacher Education" (Roosevelt).