MAT student sings about his research project

Tim Marten, part of Cohort 9 of the Secondary MAT Concentration, did what no one in the MAT Program has done, sing about his research project. 

On July 24, the Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) Program held its annual research presentations and graduation celebration at Hassenfeld Conference Center. The candidates for the MAT degree of  MAT in Elementary (Public and Delet) and MAT in Secondary Education presented their findings from their original classroom-based research, and was honored in a ceremony.

Tim's research project asks, "How can I maintain empathy when I have to reprimand a student or enforce consequences or unacceptable classroom behavior?"  After collecting and analyzing his data, he then realized that the most reasonable way to represent his thinking over the course of this project is to compose a song entitled  - "Hallways."

After completing the program, Tim was offered a position at Arlington High School where he completed his internship.