2016 Teacher Research Presentations and Graduation Celebration

Introduction to the Research Presentations

Arnold Barbeiro
Down with Desks? An Investigation into the Effect of Dynamically-Changing Seating Arrangements on Student Engagement

Naomi Bilmes
Hey, are you listening? Learning and Teaching Listening Strategies in the Classroom

Garth Brody
This is (not) a Popularity Contest: Classroom Social Status in a Small Group Context

Bradley Burns
How Does the Race of Students Affect My Expectations of Them?

Ariel Chasen
Speaking the Scientific Language: Strategies for Introducing Scientific Literature Analysis

Emma Collins
Self-Monitoring to Address Behavioral Challenges

Xiaoning Chu
The Charm of Language Activity: What Impacts Student Motivation, Achievement and Engagement in Learning Chinese?

Sara Fried
Who is a Reflective Student? Getting Students to Self-Assess Accurately

Lianne Gross
Embracing Your Inner Walrus: The Impact of Positive Student-Teacher Relationships on Academic Performance

James Hill
The History of Mars and Venus: Gender-Based Participation in a High School Social Studies Classroom

Sara Howell
Learning How to Reach "Outlier" Students

Sara Isaacson
Using Movement Breaks to Increase Student Engagement

Laura Jarvis
Working Well with Others: Uncovering Barriers to Successful Group Work for One Elementary Math Student

Ellie Kaufman
To Share or to Save Face: Encouraging High Schoolers to Engage in Classroom Discussions

Kyle Lee
Keep Calm and Teach On: The Challenges of Classroom Management

Chang Liu
Game On! Using Activities and Games in Class to Raise Language Proficiency

Brittany Nachamie
Why do I have to do my homework? How Math Homework Can Be More Effective for Students

Aisha Ogarra
Life Skills: Preparing Special Needs Students for Post-School Community Inclusion

Xi Ouyang
Strategies to Create a Stimulating, Engaging and Efficient Chinese Class

Melissa Pearlman
The Self-Regulated Learner in High School Geometry

Sarah Soldi
Independent Work in a Busy First Grade Room

Jennifer Swain
Acing the Argument Essay: How to Help My Students Develop a Critical Skill in History

Danielle Traverse
Whose Voice Is It Anyway?