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If you are interested in teaching, connect with us online, over the phone or on campus and receive advice from our program adivors. Learn about timelines, admission requirements, internships, schedules, scholarships and other matters. To schedule an appointment, call 781-736-2022 or email

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The Open House is an excellent opportunity to learn about the MAT. Meet faculty members, current students and attend a class. Our next open house will be on November 2016, January and March 2017.

MAT Open House

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Prospective students are welcome to take a tour offered through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. You may sign up for a tour by completing the online reservation form.

virtual tour of the campus is available online or by downloading a mobile application.

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Secondary Concentration
Public Elementary Concentration
Jewish Day Schools (DeLeT)
Arrival/Pick Up a packet

NEJS 235b.1 - Philosophy of Jewish Education, Levisohn, ASAC 204
Arrival/Pick up a packet
Lunch (Atrium)
Question and Answer
Arrival/Pick up a packet
Lunch (Atrium)
Question and Answer
Lunch (Atrium)
Question and Answer
1:30 pm
individual appts./ free time
individual appts./ free time
individual appts./ free time
Special Ed Session, Desiree Philips, Shiffman Humanities Ctr120 (4pm-6:20pm)
Ed 267a, Fundamentals, Aja Jackson, ASAC 204 (3:30-5:30pm)
Ed 267a, Fundamentals, Aja Jackson, ASAC 204 (3:30-5:30pm)
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Do you have questions that you would like to email us? Ask us and we will respond.

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General admission questions, early decision, scholarships and financial aid

M. Tuan or

M. Margolis

Specific questions about the Elementary Concentration R.K. Theodorou
Specific questions about the Secondary Concentration D. Igra
To schedule an appointment M.Tuan
- About the MAT Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a year-long intensive program which prepares students with strong liberal arts backgrounds to become highly qualified, licensed classroom teachers. The program combines two summers of study on the Brandeis campus with a nine-month internship in a public elementary or secondary (middle or high) school or a Jewish day school, in the Boston area. Our secondary Concentration offers the following discipline: Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, English, History, Mathematics, Physics, Tanakh. Inquire about the option for eligibility to obtain additional certification for Moderate Special Needs.

We also offer a 10 Semester BA-MAT Program for Brandeis undergraduate students.

Brandeis University was founded on principles of social justice. Our MAT program provides you with the tools to make real social change through a year-long teaching internship with dedicated mentor teachers in exciting urban, suburban, and day schools, a cohort structure for a true learning community and our exceptional faculty attention. We will challenge you intellectually and practically, we will ask you to take risks, and we will support you while you do.

Generous scholarship support is available.

Our graduates who teach locally receive support through our induction program. Meet a few of our alumni.

- Driving directions to ASAC from the Gatehouse (main entrance)

As you drive onto campus from South Street,

1. stop at the small brick “gate house” to get a parking pass;

2. continue toward Upper Campus on the Loop Road, past the Castle on your left ;

3. as you approach the Heller School on your left, you will see ASAC just ahead ;

4. turn right into Tower parking lot just across the road from the Heller School;

5. enter the building under the “Abraham Shapiro…” awning ;