Teacher Education Program

Teacher Education is designed for students who want to become pre-school, elementary, middle, or high school teachers. It includes the study of learners and learning, school and society, and general and subject-specific pedagogy.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

Undergraduate The teacher education minor prepares students to become classroom teachers at the preschool, elementary, or secondary level. The minor includes a set of required courses plus one semester of full-time student teaching. Teachers need deep and flexible subject matter knowledge; thus, students who minor in Teacher Education choose a compatible liberal arts major. Coursework on campus is integrated with field experiences in area schools which culminate in a semester of supervised student teaching. Those interested in this minor should meet with an education program advisor during their first year to develop a plan for teacher education courses which begin in the sophomore year and other required courses.

Want to teach? Pursue a path

Pursue a path

Then, select a track

Select a track

1. All applicants for either track must complete the student teaching application.

2. The Education Program highly suggests that students applying for the BA/BS MAT and are going abroad apply for Early Decision.

Ten Semester BA/BS MAT Program for Brandeis Undergraduates

Natanya and Jesse The BA/BS MAT Program prepares Brandeis undergraduates to become licensed teachers with a Master's degree the summer following senior year. Teach elementary school or middle/high school biology, chemistry, physics, math, Chinese, English or history. Full year student teaching internships in a public or Jewish day school.

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Jenna The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a year-long intensive program which prepares students with strong liberal arts backgrounds to become highly qualified, licensed classroom teachers. The program combines two summers of study on the Brandeis campus with a nine-month internship in a public elementary or secondary (middle or high) school or a Jewish day school, in the Boston area.