Meet Education Studies Students and Graduates

Oren Bachar, '05 Education Studies Minor

My Education Studies minor has proven to be invaluable.  I am currently pursuing an advanced degree in School Psychology and frequently apply what I learned in my Education Studies courses.  As a result of those classes, I have a greater understanding of policy, history, and how different schools operate in general.

Jenna Fernandes, '08 Education Studies Minor

As an undergraduate in the Education Studies Program, I discovered a passion that unitl that point had only been a vague interest.  I was captivated by the classes.  the discussions followe me out of the classroom, still running through my mind over dinner and in conversations with friends.  Continuing with the Brandeis MAT allowed me to further investigate what was important fto me as an educator. Both programs were small enough for me to receive the invidividual attention I needed to develop my thinking into the kind of pracrtical philosophy that now informs my teaching. The relationships I formed with professors and colleagues remain the most valuable asset of the program in my mind.  The community made it safe for me to take risks and try new things, and I know it will continue to be a source of innovative ideas, personal and professional support, and inspiration in the next stage of my career for years to come.