National Honor Society

Eta Beta Rho - bl-PehChapter

Purpose of Eta Beta Rho

To recognize outstanding attainments in study of Hebrew language and literature, to stimulate study and research in this field, and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the culture of Israel.

National Sponsor

Eta Beta Rho was founded by the National Association of Professors of Hebrew in American Institutions of Higher Learning in order to encourage high achievement in Hebrew studies. The association continues to act as sponsor for the Society and appoints a national Coordinator of Eta Beta Rho.

Executive Committee

Elections will be held for officers of the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the president (Nasi), Vice-President (Sgan-nasi), Secretary (Mazkir), and Treasurer (Gizbar). Members of the committee will vote on aspect of the p chapter of Eta Beta Rho, such as activities, events, dues, etc.

Please indicate on your application for membership if you are interested in becoming an officer Executive Committee for 2010. Presentation of candidates and elections will be held at the first meeting on November 29, of 2010 (7:00pm in the ASAC lounge).


1) Membership in this society shall be based upon scholarship. Undergraduates must have completed at least 12 credits of Hebrew with a 3.0 average. They must rank not lower than the highest 35 percent of their class in general scholarship and shall have completed at least three semesters of five quarters of the college courses. Graduate students are chosen from among those with at least a 3.5 average in Hebrew.

2) Honorary members may be chosen on the basis of their scholarly distinction or notable contributions to the field of Hebrew culture and literature.



Please send your application and transcript via mail, fax or email to:

    Eta Beta Rho
    Hebrew Program
    Brandeis University
    MS 038
    781-736-2415 (fax)