Students interested in the History of Ideas Program should contact undergraduate advising head Eugene Sheppard to declare a minor.

The following Fall 2015 seminars are cross-listed with the History of Ideas:

ENG 131a Comedy: Literature, Film, and Theory -- David Sherman

ENG 146a Reading the American Revolution -- Jerome Tharaud

HIST 169a Thought and Culture in Modern America -- Winston Bowman

PHIL 13b The Idea of the Market: Economic Philosophies -- Richard Gaskins

PHIL 78a Existentialism -- Berislav Marušić

PHIL 109b Ethics and the Emotions -- Berislav Marušić

PHIL 146a Idea of God -- Palle Yourgrau

POL 10a  Introduction to Political Theory -- Jeffrey Lenowitz

POL 192b -1 Seminar: Constitutional Theory & Design -- Jeffrey Lenowitz

POL 192b-2 Seminar: Nationalism -- Bernard Yack

SOC 168a Democracy and Inequality in Global Perspective -- Chandler Rosenberger