Students interested in the History of Ideas Program should contact undergraduate advising head Eugene Sheppard to declare a minor.

The following seminars are cross-listed for Spring 2015:

AAAS 168B  The Black Intellectual Tradition -- Chad Williams

COML/ENG 140B  Children's Literature and Constructions of Childhood -- Robin Feuer Miller

FREN 111A  The Republic -- Michael Randall

HIST 181B  Red Flags/Black Flags: Marxism vs. Anarchism, 1845-1968 -- Mark Hulliung

NEJS 159A  Modern Jewish Philosophy -- Eugene Sheppard

PHIL 21A  Environmental Ethics -- Patrick Gamsby

POL 10A  Introduction to Political Theory -- Jeffrey Lenowitz

POL 189A  Marx, Nietzsche, and Twentieth-Century Radicalism -- Bernard Yack

SOC 127A  Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationalism -- Chandler Rosenberger