Students interested in the History of Ideas Program should contact undergraduate advising head Eugene Sheppard to declare a minor.

The following Spring 2016 seminars are cross-listed with the History of Ideas:

AAAS 118B Race, Prisons and Social Justice
Theresa Lynch
COML/ENG 141B 1 Literature and Time Laura Quinney
ENG 78B 1 Modernism, Atheism, God David Sherman
ENG 130a 1 Representing Poverty Caren Irr
FREN 111A 1 The Republic Michael Randall
GECS 131B 1 Goethe—A European Romantic and his Muses Sabine von Mering
HIST 183B 1 Community and Alienation: Social Theory from Hegel to Freud Mark Hulliung
LAT 118B 1 Roman Historians Trevor Luke
NEJS 141B 1 Human Rights: Law, Politics and Theology Yehuda Mirsky
PHIL 21A 1 Environmental Ethics Ben Sherman
PHIL 107B 1 Kant's Moral Theory Robert Greenberg
PHIL 115B 1 Art, Technology and Thinking in Heidegger's Later Thought Andreas Teuber
PHIL 177B 1 Simone Weil Palle Yourgrau
PHIL 180B 1 From Sensation to Understanding: Locke, Berkeley and Hume Jennifer Marusic
PHIL 181A1 Gazing Into the Abyss: Nietzsche and Schopenhauer
Benjamin Sherman
POL 187B 1 Conservative Political Thought Bernard Yack
POL 190B 1 Democratic Theory Jeffrey Lenowitz