​For more information on pre-medical and pre-health options/requirements, students should consult the Health Professions Advising Web site and a pre-health adviser. 

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Pre-Med/Pre-Health Options

While the HSSP program is open to all students regardless of their post-graduation plans, some may wish to use it as a launching point for a career in medicine, dentistry, nursing, etc.. For example, students interested in this major could satisfy the prerequisites for medical school in one of three ways:

  1. By majoring in one of the life sciences or physical sciences and choosing HSSP as a minor.
  2. By majoring in HSSP and selecting the BA option of HSSP. Those students who choose the BA option and want to fulfill premed requirements should use BIOL 14a or BIOL 42 as the core Science requirement for HSSP, and should take the other required premed courses in addition to their HSSP requirements.
  3. By majoring in HSSP and selecting the BS option of HSSP. Those students who choose the B.S. option must complete BIOL 42a as the core biology requirement.

You may now book appointments with Pre-Health Advising online; but for more information about specific requirements within the Pre-Med/Pre-Health track, please email or call the office at 781.736.3470.