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Mitchell Beers 

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HSSP Students in 2015 WOW Internships

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  • Little did HSSP Senior Daniel Leisman know that a clinical research study that he designed and completed through his summer internship would lead him to Vancouver and the Pediatric Academic Societies' 2014 annual meeting this May! Read On!



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Experiential Learning


All HSSP majors must complete a health-related hands-on experience (“HOE”).   

‘Health-related’ means related to Science (e.g., natural sciences or medicine), Society (e.g., the social sciences or public health), and/or Policy (e.g., law, politics, or economics).

There are 5 options for fulfilling this HSSP HOE requirement:

1) An Internship & an Internship Seminar:  (one of the following):

  • HSSP 89a - HSSP Internship,

  • ENVS 89a - Environmental Studies Internship,

  • LGLS 161b - Advocacy for Policy Change,

  • PAX 89a - Internship in Peace, Conflict & Coexistence Studies

  • NEW - PSYC 161a Clinical Psychology Practicum I & PSYC 161a Clinical Psychology Practicum II  

            Note:  Must complete the year long sequence (i.e., both PSYC 161a and PSYC 161 b) to receive credit, or

  • WMGS 89a - When Violence Hits Home,

2) HSSP 98a/b - Independent Research,

3) HSSP 99d - Senior Thesis,

4) a health-related Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS), or

5) a health-related Study Abroad.

All HSSP majors must receive prior written approval before selecting any one of these options.

For More Information:  

For more detail about each of these options, see Experiential Learning:  Summary of the 5 HSSP HOE Options and then contact the HSSP Internship Instructor.  

Important Note:  

Please plan ahead; your failure to plan ahead could jeopardize your plans.  You will need to meet with the HSSP Undergraduate Advising Head (UAH) to declare your HSSP major and then also meet with the HSSP Internship Instructor.  Again, prior written approval is required before you can select your health-related HOE.