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Bachelor of Arts Degree

All BA majors must complete the following Core Requirements and Electives:

A.  Core Requirements

  1. Core “Science” Course:

    • BIOL 14a - Genetics & Genomics,
    • BIOL 15b - Cells & Organisms,
    • BIOL 16a - Evolution & Biodiversity, or
    • BIOL 42a - Physiology
  2. Core “Society” Course: SOC 191a - Health, Community & Society

  3. Core “Policy” Course: HS 104b - American Health Care  or LGLS 114a - American Health Care: Law & Policy

  4. HSSP 100b - Intro to Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Population Health   Generally taken in the Junior year, the Brandeis/Denmark Institute for Study-abroad (DIS) course -Epidemiology:  Danish Case Studies can substitute for HSSP 100b.

  1. HSSP 110a - Integrative Seminar on Health:   A capstone course for seniors that combines academic coursework and fieldwork experiences around a central problem or facet of health or healthcare - open only to HSSP Seniors in their final Spring semester.  You may request to take HSSP 110a in the spring of your Junior Year, if you:

a.  are graduating a semester early (i.e., December instead of May) and you have ready officially changed your graduation date, or

b.  are a declared double major in Education and HSSP, or a major in HSSP and a minor in Education: Education major/minors must all teach in the Spring semester of their Senior Year.

  1. Hands-On Experience (HOE)   Majors must successfully complete 1 of the following 5 options:

  • An internship paired with an Internship Seminar: HSSP 89a - HSSP Internship, ENVS 89a - Environmental Studies Internship, LGLS 161b - Advocacy for Policy Change, PAX 89a - Internship in Peace, Conflict & Coexistence Studies, or WMGS 89a - When Violence Hits Home;

  • HSSP 98a/b - Independent Research;

  • HSSP 99d - Senior Thesis;

  • A qualifying health-related Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS); or

  • A qualifying health-related Study Abroad Program.

HOE:  All majors must communicate their HOE choice, in writing, to the HSSP Internship Instructor.  Students who choose to complete their HOE through options 1 and 4 must also meet with the HSSP Internship Instructor in the fall of their Sophomore or Junior year for written pre-approval before accepting/registering for that option.  Students who choose to complete their HOE through option 5 must meet with the Study Abroad Liaison for pre-approval.


B.  Electives

      The HSSP BA degree demands 4 HSSP electives: (1 elective from each Focal Area plus a 4th chosen from any of the Focal Areas)

  1. 1 elective from Focal Area A

  2. 1 elective from Focal Area B

  3. 1 elective from Focal Area C

  4. 1 additional elective chosen from any of the three Focal Areas

See the  Guide to Courses that Count for HSSP Credit for elective options.