About IGS

The International and Global Studies (IGS) Program is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with the chance to understand the complex processes of globalization that today so profoundly affect politics, economics, culture, society and the environment.

What makes it distinctive?
At Brandeis, IGS asks interesting questions, then looks for answers wherever they may be.  Why does democracy flourish in one society and languish in another?  IGS students ask political scientists for data on voting patterns, but also study anthropologists’ accounts of different kinds of authority.  Why does one country’s economy boom when another’s stagnates?  IGS students ask economists for data on capital formation, but also look to anthropological studies of how work is organized – maybe even literary and artistic portrayals of a society’s business life. 

IGS is built around intellectual curiosity, not disciplinary walls. 

After Brandeis
IGS graduates pursue careers in diplomacy, law, investment banking, non-profit activism and advocacy on international issues (e.g. human rights in Darfur) and teaching, among other careers. They also attend law school, business school, and medical school and pursue graduate work in International Relations, Anthropology and other social sciences.

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