Media, culture & the Arts

Media, Communications, and the Arts

AAAS 117a 
Communications and Social Change in Developing Nations

AAAS 123a
Third World Ideologies

AAAS 134b
Novel and Film of the African Diaspora

AMST 132b
International Affairs and the American Media

AMST 134b
Digital Media and American Culture

AMST 136a
Planet Hollywood: American Cinema in Global Perspective

AMST 156b
Transatlantic Crossings: America and Europe

ANTH 26a
Communication and Media

ANTH 63a
Non-Western Musical Traditions

ANTH 80a
Anthropology of Religion

ANTH 114b
Verbal Art and Cultural Performance

ANTH 121a
Crossing Cultural Boundaries

ANTH 130b
Visuality and Culture

ANTH 139b
Language, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

ANTH 144a
The Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 153a
Writing Systems and Scribal Traditions

ANTH 184b
Cross-Cultural Art and Aesthetics

CHIN 136b
Chinese Modernism in International Context

COML 100a
Comparing Literatures and Cultures: Theory and Practice

COML 120b
Dangerous Writers and Writers in Danger

Children's Literature and Constructions of Childhood

ENG 22a
Filmi Fictions: From Page to Screen in IndiaENG 77b
Literatures of Global English

ENG 52a
Refugee Stories, Refugee Lives

ENG 111b
Postcolonial Theory

ENG 127a
The Novel in India

ENG 127b
Migrating Bodies, Migrating Texts

ENG 130a
Representing Poverty

ENG 167a
Decolonizing Fictions

ENG 172b
African Literature and Human Rights

ENG 187b
The International Novel

ENG 197b
Within the Veil: African-American and Muslim Women's Writing

FA 79a
Modernism Elsewhere

FA 165a
Contemporary Art

FA 182b
Politics of Public Space

FA 192a
Studies in Modern and Contemporary Art

FREN 110a
Cultural Representations

FREN 131a
Orientalism and Literature

FREN 137a
Literary Responses to Mass Violence

FREN 138a
Boats, Ships, and Vessels: The Global Novel in French and the Transoceanic Imagination

FREN 165b
Subsaharan Africa and the French Language

FYS 46b
JustBooks: La justice sociale: Issues of Social Justice in the French and Francophone World

HISP 111b
Introduction to Latin American Literature and Culture

HISP 129a
Women in Christianity

HISP 192b
Latin American Global Film

HIST 113b
Encounters with Islam: From Muhammad's Revelations to the Syrian Civil War

IGS 170a
The Rise of Brazil

IGS/SAS 160a
The Rise of India

LALS 170a
Sports, Games, and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mus 3b
World Music: Performing Tradition through Sound

NEJS 144a
Jews in the World of Islam

NEJS 149b
Jewish Cities, Global Spaces

NEJS 183b
Global Jewish Literature

NEJS 188b
Islam and Religious Diversity

REL 107a
Introduction to World Religions

REL/SAS 152a
Introduction to Hinduism

REL/SAS 162b
Religions in South Asia: India, Pakistan and Beyond

SAS 100a
India and Pakistan: Understanding South Asia

SAS 130a
Film and Fiction of Crisis

SAS 150b
Indian Film: The Three-Hour Dream

SOC 120b
Globalization and the Media

SOC 146a
Mass Communication Theory

THA 115b
The Avant-Gardes in Performance

SOC 162a
Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics

Women, Genders, and Sexualities

WMGS 140a
Diversity of Muslim Women's Experience