Courses by Distributional Category

Global Media, Culture and the Arts

AAAS 117a
Communications and Social Change in Developing Nations

AAAS 123a
Third World Ideologies

AAAS 134b
Novel and Film of the African Diaspora

AMST 132b
International Affairs and the American Media

AMST 136
Planet Hollywood (new class)

AMST 140b
The Asian American Experience

AMST 142b
Love, Law, and Labor: Asian American Women and Literature

AMST 156b Transatlantic Crossings: America and Europe

ANTH 26a
Communication and Media

ANTH 80a
Anthropology of Religion

ANTH 112a
African Art and Aesthetics

ANTH 114b
Verbal Art and Cultural Performance

ANTH 121a
Crossing Cultural Boundaries

ANTH 129b
Global, Transnational, and Diasporic Communities

ANTH 130b
Visuality and Culture

ANTH 139b
Language, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

ANTH 140a
Human Rights in Global Perspective

ANTH 144a
The Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 153a
Writing Systems and Scribal Traditions

CHIN 136b
Chinese Modernism in International Context

ANTH 184b
Cross-Cultural Art and Aesthetics

Digging for National Roots

COML 120b
Dangerous Writers and Writers in Danger

COML 122b
Writing Home and Abroad: Literature by Women of Color

Children's Literature and Constructions of Childhood

ENG 22a
Filmi Fictions: From Page to Screen in India

ENG 77b
Literatures of Global English

ENG 37a
Postimperial Fictions

ENG 77a
Screening the Tropics

ENG 111b
Postcolonial Theory

ENG 127a
The Novel in India

ENG 127b
Migrating Bodies, Migrating Texts

ENG 141a
Literature and Geography

ENG 167a
Decolonizing Fictions

ENG 187b
American Writers and World Affairs

ENG 197b
Within the Veil: African-American and Muslim Women's Writing

FA 79a
Modernism Elsewhere

FA 182b
Politics of Public Space

FA 192a
Studies in Modern Art

FREN 131a
Orientalism and French Literature

FREN 110a
Cultural Representations

FREN 137a
The Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: Plague, War, and Human Power

FREN 163b
After Beauvoir: Gender, Culture, and Politics in Post-Colonial France

FREN 165b
Francophone Literatures and Cultures of Subsaharan Africa

GECS 160a
In the Shadow of the Holocaust: Global Encounters

HECS 169a
Travel Writing and the Americas: Columbus's Legacy

HISP 111b
Introduction to Latin American Literature and Culture

HISP 192b
Latin American Global Film

HISP 194b
The Art of Crossing Trans-American Narrative and Visual Culture

IGS 110a
Behind the Veil: Race, Ethnicity and Religion in France

IGS 120a
A Democratic Babel?  Language Issues in Contemporary Europe (new class)

IGS/LGLS (University of Leiden Course)
Law and Culture

MUS 27b
Music And Ecstasy

MUS 31b
Music and Globalization

NEJS 144a
Jews in the World of Islam

REL/SAS 152a
Introduction to Hinduism

SAS 130a
Film and Fiction of Crisis

SAS 150
Indian Film: The Three Hour Dream

SOC 120b
Globalization and the Media

SOC 146a
Mass Communication Theory

SOC 162a
Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics

THA 115b
The Avant-Garde

Women and Gender in Culture and Society

Global Governance, Conflict and Responsibility

AAAS 18b
Africa and the West

AAAS 112a
Politics of Southern Africa

AAAS 125b
Caribbean Women and Globalization: Sexuality, Citizenship, Work

AAAS 163b
Africa in World Politics

FREN 111a
The Republic

HIST 56b
World History to 1960

HIST 61a
Cultures in Conflict since 1300

HIST 71a
Empire and its Discontents: Latin American History from Conquest to Independence

HIST 71b
Latin American History, 1870 to the Present

HIST 80b
East Asia: Nineteenth Century to the Present (China and Japan)

Hist 104a
American Empire: The History of U.S. Expansion

History 112a
Nationalism in the Middle East

HIST 115a
History of Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations

HIST 150a
Great Fatherland War (new class)

HIST 164b
The American Century: The U.S. and the World, 1945 to the Present

20th Century Social Movements in the Americas

World War II in East Asia

HIST 174a
The Legacy of 1898: U.S.-Caribbean Relations since the Spanish-American War

HIST 182a
Sino-American Relations from the Eighteenth Century to the Present

History 186a
Europe in World War Two

Modern China

HIST 186b
A Global History of the Vietnam Wars

HS 219f / HS 258f
Transitional Justice: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Comparative Perspective

IGS 120a
A Democratic Babel?  Language Issues in Contemporary Europe (new class)

Networks of Global Justice 

IGS 130a
Global Migration (new class)

The Spirit of International Law

Advocacy in the International Criminal Court

IMES 104a
Islam: Civilization and Institutions

LGLS 123b
Immigration and Human Rights 

LGLS 124b
International Law and Development

LGLS 125b
International Law and Organizations

International Economic Law

LGLS 128b
Comparative Law

NEJS 189a
The Arab-Israeli Conflict

PHIL 119a
Human Rights

POL 127b
Seminar: Managing Ethnic Conflict

POL 128a
The Politics of Revolution: State Violence and Popular Insurgency in the Third World

POL 131b
Social Movements in Latin America

POL 134a
Strategies of Islamic Political Activism in the Arab Middle East

POL 134b
Immigration, State, and Nation

POL 144a
Latin American Politics I

POL 144b
Latin American Politics II

POL 145b
The Islamic Challenge: Politics and Religion in the West

POL 146b
Seminar: Topics in Revolutions in the Third World

POL 147a
Government and Politics of China

POL 150a
Politics of South East Asia

POL 153a
The New Europe: European Economic and Political Integration

POL 160a
The War on Global Terrorism

POL 164a
Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East

POL 172b
Introduction to International Political Economy

POL 174b
Seminar: Problems of National Security

POL 175b
Global Civil Society

POL 179a
China's Global Rise (new class)

SAS 110b
South Asian Postcolonial Writers

SAS 140a
We Who Are at Home Everywhere: Narratives from the South Asian Diaspora

SAS 170b
South Asia in the Colonial Archive

SOC 119a
War and Possibilities of Peace

SOC 122a
Sociology of American Immigration

SOC 127a
Gods and Nations: Identity in Global Relations

SOC 128a
Religion and Globalization

SOC 162a
Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics

WMGS 105b
Feminist Theories in Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspective

Global Economy, Health and Environment

AAAS 60a
Economics of Third World Hunger

AAAS 80a
Economy and Society in Africa

AAAS 126b
Political Economy of the Third World

AAAS 158a
Theories of Development and Underdevelopment

AMST 101a
American Environmental History

AMST 102a
Environment, Social Justice, and the Role of Women

AMST 106b
Food and Farming in America

ANTH 55a
Anthropology of Development

ANTH 70a
Business, Culture and Society

ANTH 127a
Medicine, Body, and Culture

ANTH 142a
AIDS: Science, Society, and Policy

ANTH 163b
Production, Consumption, and Exchange

BIOL 17b
Conservation Biology

BIOL 23a

BIOL 134b
Topics in Ecology

BISC 6bj
Environmental Health

BUS 70a
Business in the Global Economy

CHEM 33a
Environmental Chemistry

Solving Environmental Challenges: The Role of Chemistry

Understanding the Chemistry of Sustainability

ECON 26a
Latin America's Economy

ECON 30a
The Economy of China

ECON 61a
The Economics of Reprivatization in the New Europe

ECON 122b
The Economics of the Middle East

ECON 141b
Economics of Innovation

ECON 172b
Money and Banking

ECON 175a
Introduction to Development Economics

ECON 176a
The Household, Health, and Hunger in Developing Countries

ENG 128b
Postcolonial Epidemics

ENVS 15a
Reason to Hope: Managing the Global Commons for Peace

ENVS 17b
Global Warming and Nuclear Winter

ENVS 18b
International Environmental Conflict and Collaboration

ENVS 19a
Climate Change and Conservation

Field Research and Study Methods

GECS 188b
Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change

HS 110a
Wealth and Poverty

HSSP 102a
Global Perspectives on Health

IGS/LGLS (University of Leiden Course)
Law and Governance

POL 180b
Sustaining Development

SOC 126b
Global Perspectives on Women, Work & Families

SOC 136b
Comparative and Historical Sociology