Global Courses

AAAS 117a
Communications and Social Change in Developing Nations

AAAS 158a
Theories of Development and Underdevelopment

AMST 102a
Environment, Social Justice, and the Role of Women

ANTH 55a
Anthropology of Development

ANTH 121a
Crossing Cultural Boundaries

ANTH 127a
Medicine, Body, and Culture

ANTH 129b
Global, Transnational, and Diasporic Communities

ANTH 140a
Human Rights in Global Perspective

ANTH 144a
The Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 163b
Production, Consumption, and Exchange

ANTH 184b
Cross-Cultural Art and Aesthetics

BIOL 17b
Conservation Biology

BIOL 23a

BIOL 134b
Topics in Ecology

Bus 170a
Business in the Global Economy

CHEM 33a
Environmental Chemistry

Solving Environmental Challenges: The Role of Chemistry

COML 120b
Dangerous Writers and Writers in Danger

ECON 141b
Economics of Innovation

ECON 172b
Money and Banking

ENG 77b
Literatures of Global English

ENG 111b
Postcolonial Theory

ENVS 18b
International Environmental Conflict and Collaboration

HIST 56b
World History to 1960

HIST 61a
Cultures in Conflict since 1300

HS 110a
Wealth and Poverty

HSSP 102a
Global Perspectives on Health

Networks of Global Justice

The Spirit of International Law

The Spirit of International Law

Advocacy in the International Criminal Court

LGLS 124b
International Law and Development

LGLS 125b
International Law and Organizations

PHIL 119a
Human Rights

POL 127a
Ending Deadly Conflict

POL 127b
Seminar: Managing Ethnic Conflict

POL 135b
Politics of Islamic Resurgence

POL 172b
Seminar:International Political Economy

REL 107a
Introduction to World Religions

SOC 119a
War and Possibilities of Peace

SOC 120b
Globalization and the Media

SOC 127a
Gods and Nations: Identity in Global Relations

SOC 136b
Historical and Comparative Sociology

SOC 146b
Nationalism and Globalization

SOC 146bj
Nationalism and Globalization

SOC 162a
Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics

SOC 168a
Democracy and Inequality in Global Perspective

Women and Gender in Culture and Society