Examines how different media use photography and video to depict the evolution of the 2011 Syrian Uprising. It uses "photology" as a theoretical tool to analyze political and social changes in Syria within the context of other historical, economic, and religious factors. Special one-time offering, fall 2018.

Fulfills the Humanities and Non-Western requirements.

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ANTH 141A — Islamic Movements

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Examines the social and cultural dimensions of contemporary Islamic movements from an anthropological perspective. It starts by critically
engaging with such fundamental concepts as Orientalism, colonialism, and
nationalism. Topics to be discussed include the difference between the
Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism, Islamist feminism, Islamic public
arguments, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, victimization and martyrdom, and the
relationship between humanitarianism and terrorism. Usually offered every second year.
Mr. Menoret