Examines how different media use photography and video to depict the evolution of the 2011 Syrian Uprising. It uses "photology" as a theoretical tool to analyze political and social changes in Syria within the context of other historical, economic, and religious factors. Special one-time offering, fall 2018.

Fulfills the Humanities and Non-Western requirements.

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ANTH 134B — Rethinking Revolution: Ethnographic Explorations into Radical Political Transformation

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Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or permission of the instructor.

Studies revolution in the same way that anthropology studies religion, the economy, or gender, by inquiring into the very notions of society, time, space and the political that are embedded into revolutionary projects. We will read ethnography based on historical and ongoing revolutionary processes located in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and America, exploring how similar political goals and ideals manifest themselves in different contexts. Particular attention will be given to feminist perspectives on revolutionary processes. Special one-time offering, fall 2017.
Ms. Solana