Deborah Swee '98

The Group
I studied in Merida, Yucatan, during the spring semester of my junior year (1997) at the Facultad de Antropologia of the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan. First and foremost, it was an incredible experience! Not only did my Spanish improve a lot, but I also learned a great deal about Mexican and Yucatecan culture, while living with a wonderful Yucatecan family. By the end of my five-months-and-five-days in Merida, I truly felt like a member of my Yucatecan family and like an honorary "gringateca."

My advice to any student who is considering study abroad: GO!

I studied in Merida through a Rutgers (New Jersey) program. Here are the girls in Mexico City! There were five of us in the spring semester group, along with three other full-year students. I'm the one in the red jacket. After almost a whole semester enjoying the warm weather of Merida, Mexico City was almost cold!