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Inner Peace and Outer Peace

Inner Peace and Outer Peace (PAX 120B) examines the relationship between peace within oneself and the work toward peace and justice in interpersonal relationships as well as in community, national, and global arenas. The course's primary approach to inner peace will be through the experience of mindfulness meditation. Guided through a progressive development of a personal practice, students are  required to meditate regularly, and to write reflections on their progress. The meditation is designed to develop self-awareness, compassion, and clarity.

In this class the primary approach to outer peace work—conflict transformation— is through experiential activities and readings. In simulations and discussions of case histories, students explore the key elements and challenges of various levels of the peacebuilding process, and become conversant with major themes, terms, historical examples, and potential new opportunities. Throughout the course, the discussion continues: how can we combine active conflict transformation skills with inner peace practice, to become more effective workers in the field?

For more information, please contact Professors Peter Gould or John Ungerleider.