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Career Changer track: Advanced Biology Coursework

Career Changer track:  Research - see left 

Finisher Track*

* If you've already successfully completed a full year of both General Chemistry and Biology, each with lab, you may be eligible to apply for this 15-month track.  

Email or call 

Kate Stutz

phapostbac@brandeis.edu or 781-736-3472

to find out if you are eligible for this special track. 

This Career-changer track features a one-semester Project Lab, which offers students the experience of conducting bench research and an independent project through a small, lab-based course. Each year focuses on a specific topic, such as DNA mutation and repair, epigenetics, behavior or biodiversity. Students design and carry out original experiments, refine lab techniques and experimental design, and gain experience in reading and writing scientific papers. 

This track allows students time to take Biochemistry in the second year as they prepare for MCAT 2015.

Students must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits each semester except for the last semester of study when a 10-credit minimum is allowed.

Fall Year One

Spring Year One

General Chemistry I (11A) +

General Chemistry lab (18A) (6 credits)

General Chemistry II (11B) +

General Chemistry lab (18B) (6 credits)

BIOL 14a: Genetics & Genomics (4 credits)

BIOL 15b: Cells & Organisms  +
General Biology Lab (Biol 18A) (8 credits)

AUDIT (optional):
Health: Science, Society & Policy (HSSP): American Health Care (HS 104B) (4 credits)

Clinical Seminar (201A) (2 credits)

Clinical Seminar (201A) (2 credits)


Session I: Organic Chemistry I lecture (Chem 25A) +
Organic Chemistry lab (Chem 29A) (6 credits)

Session II: Organic Chemistry II lecture (Chem 25B) +
Organic Chemistry lab (Chem 29B) (6 credits)

Fall Year Two

Spring Year Two

Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena I
(Phys 10A) + Physics lab (18A) (6 credits)

Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena II (Phys 10B) + Physics lab (18B) (6 credits)

Biology lab (Biol 18B) (2 credits)

Intro to Biochem: BCHM 100a (4 credits)

Project Lab Research Course (4 credits)

Optional additional course:

Physiology: BIOL 42a (no lab at Brandeis; this may change) (4 credits)


Anatomy: BIOL 43b (includes lab hours) (4 credits)

MCAT Prep:  Some students choose to take a prep course which is offered on campus, though not part of the post-bac program.  Some courses start in November, others around Feb. 1.