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Program Goals and Highlights

In framing goals and priorities for the Spencer Program in Educational Research, we considered the challenges of learning to do good education research and the kinds of issues that beginning researchers in arts and science disciplines and professional schools outside education may face. From these considerations, we generated four broad goals:

  1. Enhance the preparation of discipline-based scholars interested in education by introducing them to the pluralistic world of education research.
  2. Develop a core of faculty and doctoral students interested in the study and improvement of education, broadly defined, and committed to serious conversation across disciplinary lines.
  3. Create institutional structures to sustain educational support for faculty and students at Brandeis, and to raise awareness in the broader Brandeis community about educational issues.
  4. Contribute to a broader conversation about how to prepare education researchers based in the disciplines

To accomplish these goals, the Spencer program has four components:

  1. Graduate Student Fellowships and Research Grants.
  2. Faculty Research Grants.
  3. Spencer Interdisciplinary Seminar.
  4. Documentation Study.

Learn more in an extended narrative about our components.

This page was last modified on December 07, 2006