Roosevelt Lecture 2013 Jennifery Finney Boylan

 Roosevelt Lecture 2012 Isable Wilkerson Great Migration

Roosevelt Lecture 2011 Alison Bechdel

Roosevelt Lecture 2010 Sarah Davis Buechner


Roosevelt Lectures

Dr. David Lisak

Dr. David Lisak offers the 2014 Roosevelt Lecture

Eleanor Roosevelt
Lecture Series

The Eleanor Roosevelt Lecture Series was created in 2004 to honor Eleanor Roosevelt’s commitment to social justice and her important place in women’s history.  First Lady and U.N. Ambassador Eleanor Roosevelt served on Brandeis University’s Board of Trustees from 1949 until her death in 1962 and was Visiting Lecturer of International Relations from 1959 to 1962.  She gave the University’s first commencement address in 1952, receiving an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters in 1954.

Join us for our 12th Annual Roosevelt Lecture, October 28th at 4pm, Alumni Lounge, Usdan

College and Community Fellowship's Theater for Social Change will offer a spoken word performance titled, "The Letters Behind My Name." Based in Harlem this group "uses theater to raise awareness about the impact of mass incarceration on women, families, and communities. TSC’s original performances are based on ensemble members’ life stories and experiences with the criminal justice system and as returning citizens, with a focus on eliminating barriers to higher education and advocating for reform." More information including video clips is here:

Past Lectures

"Sexual Violence on College Campuses:  Confronting the Reality"
David Lisak
October 21 @3:30pm
International Lounge

She's Not There
featuring Jennifer Finney Boylan
Author and activist
October 15, 2013

Isabel Wilkerson
The Decision of Their Lives
Caste, Gender and the Great Migration
November 1, 2012

Alison Bechdel
Infinite Gradations of Color: From Fathers to Mothers

October 17, 2011

Sara Davis Buechner
Crossing the Concourse: A Musical Life in Two Keys
Piano Performance: September 27, 2010
Lecture: September 28, 2010

Maria Hinojosa
Mexicana Feminist Journalist Activista:
The political responsibility of owning one's voice

September 17, 2009

Anne Fausto-Sterling
"Nature, Nurture, Neither:
Reconceptualizing Sex and Gender"

October 15, 2008
Article in The Justice

Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun
“Colored Water and the Power of One”
October 10, 2007

Jamaica Kincaid
A Reading
October 5, 2006

Mary Catherine Bateson
“Bridges across Time: Changing the Game between the Generations”
September 28, 2005

Patricia J. Williams
“Angel of History: Exploring the Demons that Divide Us in Troubled Times”
November 11, 2004