What can I do with a WGS degree?

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Career Opportunities

The women's and gender studies curriculum prepares students for a wide range of careers. Students who take courses in women's and gender studies gain valuable skills in research and analysis, critical thinking, writing and public speaking, creative problem solving, leadership, conflict resolution and team building.

Students undertaking the terminal M.A. will find the women's and gender studies degree highly valuable for careers as diverse as public policy, social service, education, writing, management, counseling and publishing. For Ph.D. students, the women's and gender studies M.A. is excellent preparation for research on women and gender, for theoretical inquiry, and for teaching jobs in women's and gender studies programs and their chosen discipline.

Graduates of our program are applying their skills and knowledge to academic and professional pursuits in medicine, law, education, government, social service, public policy, religion, counseling, international relations, journalism, publishing, business and the arts.


Brandeis' Hiatt Career Center is an excellent resource for career planning and job search services.  Check out their major page here.  Women's and Gender Studies' Hiatt liaison is Jackie Blesso.

You may also find the following resources helpful as you plan your career.