Career Possibilties

What can you do with a WGS degree? Check out what some of our graduates are currently doing.


  • Applied Researcher in Healthcare
  • M.A. candidate in Women’s Studies
  • Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology
  • Ph.D. candidate in History
  • Professor of English Literature and Jewish Studies
  • Professor of Musicology and Women’s Studies
  • Professor of Policy Studies
  • Professor of Political Science
  • Professor of Social Work
  • Sociologist


  • Rabbi


  • Curriculum Supervisor
  • Elementary School teacher
  • English and Reading Intervention teacher
  • High School teacher
  • Special Education teacher


  • Assistant General Counsel for non-profit healthcare company
  • Civil Rights attorney, Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders
  • Criminal and Immigration Law attorney
  • General Counsel attorney
  • Union-side labor attorney


  • Obstetrics and Gynecology resident


  • Actor
  • Children’s boutique co-owner
  • Health food industry caterer
  • Magazine editor
  • Music promotion company Member/Artist Relations Manager,
  • Think tank analyst
  • Writer


  • Assistant Regional Director for Civil Rights
  • Communications Director at a nonprofit that works to educate and protect the civil justice system
  • Non-government organization in support of children’s education and services in Mumbai
  • Organizer for Service Employees International Union
  • Program Assistant at International Health Non-profit focusing on family planning, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Program Coordinator at Commission on Assaults Against Women
  • Program Coordinator for after school programs focused on girl’s self-esteem
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator
  • Supported Housing Program Representative


  • Assistant Director for Education, Workforce, and Income Security Issues
  • U.S. Marine Corps Officer

Public Health

  • Department of Public Health Project Coordinator and Researcher
  • Hospital Network Vice President
  • M.A. candidate in Public Health
  • Public health nonprofit Executive Director
  • Women’s Health Coordinator for State Department of Health Services

Social Work/Mental Health

  • Child/Family Therapist
  • Children and adolescent Clinical Psychologist
  • Mental health therapist
  • Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology
  • Social worker