About the Artists

Atem Aleu organized the first workshop in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya) in 2004. At that time twenty refugees were accepted to participate in it, however, the group of artists has been expanding ever since and Atem with the support of the Utah Arts Council and several dedicated individuals has been regularly returning from the U.S. to teach in the camp. "I have new faces every year, but sometimes because of lack of material and lack of budget, I can’t take everyone," says Atem.

Apart from the work at Kakuma, Atem is also conducting a workshop in Uganda, which fifteen artists attending.

"They’re really interested in putting energy into art, and also their paintings have a lot of messages and they’re allowing a lot of people to learn about the war and the situation in Africa," thinks Atem.


Jacob Lueth Achol
Samuel Ajok
Atem Aleu
Ajang Atem Awuol
Atem Benjamin
Mario Lual Deng
James Aguer Garang
Victor Jal
Robert Lohuyoro
Peter Makuol Maketh
Ajok Mayol
Stephenal Takiy
Daniel Ukoth

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