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Jacob Lueth Achol. Musician, Artist.

Visual Arts


Arts of the body may be marks of cultural identity and signs of beauty. The process by which some Sudanese communities imprint marks on individual bodies is somewhat painful, the pain itself expresses one's commitment to the culture and its core values. Some of the commonly seen body marks are scarring of the forehead, scarring of the facial area, scarring of the back, chest, stomach, and arm areas, and removal of specific teeth. Some communities practice piercing of various body parts as a way for them to distinguish themselves from other groups. Body art in Sudan reflects the sacredness and nobility of her rich cultures.


Painting as a form of exhibiting artistic abilities and expression is very recent. This type of art became popular during the last few years as many refugees began painting to communicate the struggle of their experiences living in refugee camps and the hardships encountered during the war. Some notable art of this genre is in a collection entitled: Sudanese Art from the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Many of these paintings are being housed by the Anthropology Department at Brandeis University.