Associate Provost of Innovation in Education


Dan L. Perlman, Ph.D. is also an Associate Professor of Biology, teaching courses on ecology, conservation biology, animal behavior and environmental issues. You can read more about his research on his faculty home page  here.

As Associate Provost Dan is responsible for promoting innovative pedagogy and building a culture on campus that values assessment of student learning. He facilitates the Davis Teaching and Learning Fellows program, in which faculty members explore effective pedagogical and assessment practices. He also oversees, plans, and implements assessment efforts across the University and chairs the Provost's Advisory Committee on Assessment of Student Learning, which focuses on assisting faculty with articulating and assessing learning goals in courses, majors, minors, and general education requirements. Dan manages the course evaluation process as well as developing approaches with departments to measure their learning goals and to advocate for including assessment outcomes in curricular and hiring decisions. 

Dan can be reached via e-mail or by phone, 781-736-2687. His main office is in the Office of the Provost, room 102.