The Curriculum and Academic Restructuring Steering Committee is charged with establishing and coordinating appropriate procedures, consistent with the Faculty Handbook, to recommend:

  • Changes to the General Education requirements within The School of Arts and Sciences
  • Changes to the curriculum in Arts and Sciences that will lead to greater synergies and flexibility and that will enable the Arts and Sciences faculty budget to be reduced
  • The curriculum to be offered during a “third semester” occurring in the summer
  • Reductions and changes in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' programs
  • Changes in the administrative and/or departmental structures of the academy that will improve efficiency and/or result in financial savings or facilitate the needed  reduction in faculty
The Steering Committee will establish subcommittees as necessary. The Steering Committee must offer varied opportunities to obtain broad input into its deliberations from faculty across the university, from undergraduate and graduate students, and from staff, including inclusion on established subcommittees.
The Steering Committee will work with the senior administration and the Faculty Senate to ensure that all the consultative requirements and approvals as specified by the Faculty Handbook are followed. The Steering Committee will also work to ensure that relevant timelines (for student recruitment materials and for implementation goals) are adhered to.


Provost Appointments
Adam Jaffe (Dean of Arts and Sciences) Chair
Steven Burg (Politics)
Ilan Troen (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies)

Senate Appointments
Sabine Von Mering (German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature)
Sacha Nelson (Biology)
Sarah Lamb (Anthropology)

Joint Appointments
Susan Dibble (Theater Arts)
Timothy Hickey (Computer Science)
Robin Feuer Miller (German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature)
Student Membership
Jason Gray, undergraduate
Jane Harries, graduate
Michaele Whelan (Provost's Office)