The Provost convened the Working Group on Distance Learning in July 2009 and charged the members to inventory existing and potential distance learning activities on campus, to analyze the administrative, technical and human resources needed to support such efforts, and to propose a business model(s) for moving forward by the end of the fall term.This work would be preparatory to a larger effort to expand, coordinate and set standards for the appropriate use of distance learning in both academic and non-academic programs.


  • Greg Freeze, Dean of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Laura Lorenz, Executive Education Program Manager, Heller School
  • Alyson Saykin, Director of Brandeis in the Berkshires/Presidential Briefing
  • Simon Sherrington, Director of Planning, Brandeis International Business School
  • Sybil Smith, Executive Director of the Division of Graduate Professional Studies, Rabb School
  • David Wedaman, Director for Research and Instructional Services, LTS
  • Elaine Wong, Senior Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Michaele Whelan, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs