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Faculty Handbook

Council of the Graduate Professional Schools

Responsibilities of the Professional School Council are outlined in the Faculty Handbook as follows:

Section VI.C.2.c.
The Council of the Graduate Professional Schools considers matters related to graduate professional degree programs in The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, in the International Business School, in the Rabb School for Continuing Studies, and in Arts and Sciences. Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, the Council of the Graduate Professional Schools recommends the establishment or discontinuation of these graduate professional degree programs and requirements. The Council reviews proposals with respect to these degree programs; makes recommendations for the award of advanced degrees; and formulates, subject to the approval of the appropriate school Dean or Provost, regulations governing these programs. The Provost ensures that changes in the graduate professional curricula that have important consequences for Arts and Sciences academic programs are brought to the attention of the Dean of Arts and Sciences and either the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or the Council of the Graduate School, as appropriate, for review.

Section VI.C.2.e.
The Provost and/or Dean of Arts and Sciences will inform the Faculty Senate and Faculty Meeting of recommendations by the School Councils for major change or discontinuation of academic programs sufficiently in advance of their submission to the Board of Trustees for approval to permit deliberation of such recommendations.

Membership 2012-13

  • Steve A. N. Goldstein, Chair, Provost
  • Brenda Anderson, Heller School
  • Ben Gomes-Casseres, International Business School
  • Mark Hewitt, ex officio, Registrar
  • Marion Howard, Heller School
  • Marya Levenson, Education Program
  • Anne Marando, Rabb School of Continuing Studies
  • Debarshi Nandy, International Business School
  • Mark Rosen, Hornstein Program
  • Judith Tsipis, Biology