Faculty Handbook Standing Committees

Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Section VI.E of the Faculty Handbook

  • Daniel Bergstresser, International Business School
  • Wendy Cadge, Sociology
  • Liz Hedstrom, Biology
  • Ann Koloski-Ostrow, Classical Studies

The Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Section VI.D.7 of the Faculty Handbook

  • Avital Rodal, Biology
  • Cindy Thomas, The Heller School
  • Xing Hang, History
  • Daniel Oprian, Biochemistry
  • Joel Christensen, Classical Studies
  • Angela Gutchess, Psychology
  • Sabine von Mering, German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature


  • Scott A. Redenius, Economics
  • Craig Blocker, Physics
  • Susan Lichtman, Fine Arts

Intellectual Property Review Committee

Section VI.D.8 of the Faculty Handbook

  • Linda Bui (chair), Economics
  • Gary Jefferson, Economics
  • Daniel Oprian, Biochemistry
  • Dagmar Ringe, Biochemistry

Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Committee

Section VI.D.6 of the Faculty Handbook

  • Stephen Dowden (chair), German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature
  • Jennifer Cleary, Education and Theater Arts
  • Elizabeth Ferry, Anthropology
  • Laura Goldin, American Studies and Environmental Studies
  • David Roberts, Physics
  • Grace Zimmerman, International Business School

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Section VI..D3 of the Faculty Handbook

The Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing

Section VI.D.4 of the Faculty Handbook

The Committee consists of the Dean of Arts and Sciences or her designee, who will serve as chair, eight members of the faculty selected by the Dean in consultation with the Council of the Faculty Senate so as to ensure representation of each school, the Dean of Student Life, and the University Registrar.

University Advisory Council

Section VI.D.2 of the Faculty Handbook

  • Lisa Lynch (chair), Provost

School Leadership

  • Susan Birren, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Eric Chasalow, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • David Weil, Dean of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management
  • Karen Muncaster, Vice President of the Rabb School of Continuing Studies 
  • Peter Petri, Interim Dean of the Brandeis International Business School

Division Leadership

  • Gannit Ankori (Creative Arts), Fine Arts
  • John Burt (Humanities), English
  • Sarah Lamb (Social Sciences), Anthropology
  • John Wardle (Sciences), Physics

At Large

  • Constance Horgan, The Heller School
  • Robin Feuer Miller, German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature
  • Bradley Morrison, International Business School

Committee Leadership

  • Susan Curnan (Faculty Senate), The Heller School
  • Stephen Dowden (Admissions and Financial Aid Committee), German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature
  • Shai Feldman (Center/Institute Directors), Politics
  • Carol Osler (University Budget Committee), International Business School


  • Mark Brimhall-Vargas, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Daniel Feldman, Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research
  • Kim Godsoe, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • James Gray, Vice President for Operations
  • Ed Hackett, Vice Provost for Research
  • Ira Jackson, Senior Vice President for Communications and External Relations
  • Zamira Korff, Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement
  • Jim La Creta, Chief Information Officer
  • Steve Locke, General Counsel
  • Robin Nelson-Bailey, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Matthew Sheehy, Interim University Librarian
  • Samuel Soloman, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
  • Sheryl Sousa, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Stewart Uretsky, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Staff support for the UAC

  • Office of the Provost

University Budget Committee

Section VI.D.5 of the Faculty Handbook

  • Carol Osler (chair), International Business School
  • Brenda Anderson, The Heller School and International Business School
  • Andrew Flagel, Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment
  • Lisa Lynch, Provost
  • Berislav Marusic, Philosophy
  • Kris McKeigue, Assistant Vice President, Budget & Financial Planning
  • Barry Snider, Chemistry
  • Stewart Uretsky, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Staff support for the UBC

  • Roland Maher, Assistant Provost for Administration and Finance