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Anita Hill Annual Lecture on Gender Justice

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Anita Hill Annual Lecture on Gender Justice

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The Brandeis University Office of the Provost, in conjunction with the Office of the President, Women's and Gender Studies, African and Afro-American Studies and The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, was honored to host the first ever
Anita Hill Annual Lecture on Gender Justice in January 2013.

The inspiration for the series came from the energy generated by the 'Anita Hill 20 Years Later' conference produced in October 2012 by the lecture series' sponsor, feminist activism group Soapbox Inc. Brandeis was the first host, with the lecture traveling to a different college or university each year.

Juhu Thukral was selected as the inaugural Anita Hill Gender Justice Lecturer from a strong and diverse pool of applicants. Her talk "Gender. Sex. Money. New Frontiers in the Fight for Sexual Rights" illuminated some of the complexities in fighting for gender and sexual equality. For example, one of our most common ways of combating sex trafficking is to conduct raids on suspected brothels; however, arresting sex workers in these raids does little to address the actual needs of those victims, including the risks of deportation or retaliation.

Ms. Thukral, the Director of Law and Advocacy at The Opportunity Agenda, has worked to protect the human rights of women for over 20 years. She is a passionate advocate for the rights of low-income and immigrant women in the areas of sexual health and rights, gender-based violence, economic security, and criminal justice. She has also repeatedly shown courage and leadership in defending the human rights of women engaged as sex workers.

Brandeis is excited to continue the rich and thoughtful conversation that began with this lecture.