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Provost's Steering Committee on Diversity Statement of Support (pdf)

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The ICC serves as an umbrella organization for eighteen student organizations. Providing a venue where students can learn and demonstrate social responsibility and diverse leadership; the organizations provide events that focus on issues of culture, ethnicity and social justice.

On this Web site, you can find out more about interesting events, talks and meetings on campus highlighting sexualities and gender

Trisk is an umbrella organization with six branches that provide community, support, and activism for queer and allied students.

Supporting Diversity in the Academy

Following is the diversity statement of Brandeis University, adopted March 15, 2006.

Established in 1948 as a model of ethnic and religious pluralism, Brandeis University:

  • Considers social justice central to its mission as a nonsectarian university founded by members of the American Jewish community;
  • Aims to engage members of our community as active citizens in a multicultural world;
  • Seeks to build an academic community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences;
  • Believes that diverse backgrounds and ideas are crucial to academic excellence;
  • Recognizes the need to analyze and address the ways in which social, cultural and economic inequalities affect power and privilege in the larger society and at Brandeis itself;
  • Honors freedom of expression and civility of discourse as fundamental educational cornerstones;
  • Seeks to safeguard the safety, dignity and well-being of all its members; and
  • Endeavors to foster a just and inclusive campus culture that embraces the diversity of the larger society.