Below are the current privileges that our Emeriti members are given.

Campus Identification:

Emeriti faculty retain their campus ID providing access to university facilities, discounts and tickets, and participation in university-wide events such as plays, concerts, and academic lectures.

Email Access:

Emeriti faculty have full access to their email accounts, as well as listservs, mailing lists, and websites such as LATTE and Sage.


Whenever gift or grant agreements allow, emeritus faculty appointed to endowed chairs may be able to retain their title with ‘emeritus’ appended.

Department Privileges:

To the extent possible, emeriti faculty may retain their campus offices and will be included on department webpages and listservs.  Some departments invite emeriti faculty to departmental meetings and events.

Library Privileges:

Emeriti faculty have full access to all Brandeis library services, including but not limited to borrowing privledges at Goldfarb Library, interlibrary loan, and the LTS Help Desk. Resources should only be used for academic purposes.

Emeriti Carrels:

Emeritit faculty who do not retain their departmental offices may apply for a carrel in Goldfarb Library by contacting University Librarian John Unsworth.

Parking Privileges:

Emeriti faculty are able to keep their parking privileges including access to a gold sticker as well as card activated parking areas. In order to apply for or renew parking privileges, please complete the Application for Motor Vehicle Permit in the Department of Public Safety.

Athletic Privileges:

Emeriti faculty are given full access to Brandeis athletic facilities, events, and outings.

Medical Insurance:

For information about continued medical insurance, please contact Human Resources.

Dental Insurance:

If you are enrolled in the Brandeis University group dental plan, your coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which you retire.  In accordance with the federal law known as COBRA, you and your eligible family members may be eligible to continue your group membership in our dental insurance plan for an extended period.  In most cases, you may continue your coverage for up to 18 months.  The cost of this coverage is generally 102% of the full premium. Our COBRA administrator, Crosby Benefits Systems, will automatically mail to your home address detailed information regarding COBRA (including the rates) and the forms you are required to complete to elect COBRA coverage.  If you do not receive this information within two weeks after your retirement date, contact Nadynne Stamps, Benefits Specialist, at 781-736-4467 or

Once your COBRA continuation period has been exhausted you can elect to continue dental insurance by enrolling in an individual dental insurance plan directly through Delta Dental.  Additional Information can be found here:  The individual plans are similar but not exactly the same as the current Brandeis' group dental plan.  Please note that if you enroll  within 30 days of when your coverage through the Brandeis group dental plan ended, the waiting period for coverage is waived.