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Course Evaluation Resubmissions

Mistakes happen.

What do you do if you made a mistake while filling out your course evaluations? In order to protect student anonymity, we are unable to go into the course evaluations system and find, delete, or change any submitted evaluation form.  However, the goal of evaluating courses is to compile the most comprehensive and accurate assessments possible of Brandeis classes; to ignore a correction or acknowledgement of a mistake would go against this principle.

In order to satisfy the competing ideals of anonymity and accuracy, we began a new system in Fall 2012 in which we ask those students (who let our office know that a mistake was made) to fill out a separate blank course evaluation form for the professor and the course, with a description of the nature of the mistake. While this new option for students cannot integrate fully into the end-of-term evaluation reports and therefore is not perfect, it is the best compromise we came to in which student anonymity is still protected from the professors and departments they are evaluating, while at the same time giving those professors and departments richer information to augment their evaluation reports.

Did you make a mistake while filling out your course evaluations? Please fill out this Course Evaluation Resubmission Form and send via email to

We welcome any and all comments or suggestions you may have in order to improve our delivery of course evaluations to Brandeis.  You may send a message with any thoughts on our resubmission process to

Please note: all Course Evaluation Resubmissions must be received by the close of the current evaluations period. Please refer to the evaluation schedule for specific dates and times.