Scholar Spotlight: Arielle Keller

Arielle KellerYear: Class of 2016
Major: Neuroscience, Psychology
Minor: English

Current Research

I study attention, vision, and hearing in humans. I'm interested in how the brain allows us to pay attention to important information, to ignore irrelevant information, and to divide attention between multiple kinds of information at the same time. My thesis experiments focus on understanding the characteristics and functions of brain activity when attention is divided between visual and auditory patterns.

What keeps you grounded outside the classroom?

I have two favorite extracurricular activities. I love theatre, especially Shakespearean theatre, so I have a lot of fun participating in Hold Thy Peace (Brandeis' Shakespeare / classic theatre group). Last semester I directed Merchant of Venice with HTP as part of Deis Impact, which was a great experience! I'm also a founder and co-president of a new student club called Students to End Alzheimer's Disease (S.E.A.D.) that focuses on volunteering, outreach, and research related to Alzheimer's. I think this is an extremely important cause, and I love working as a team to fight for greater awareness and unders tanding of this disease.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I really hate spiders!

What advice would you give to fellow Brandeisiansa bout applying for scholarships and fellowships?

Don't count yourself out for fellowships that seem out of your reach! There are many incredible opportunities available, and you don't know what you can achieve until you try.