Principal Investigator

Leslie Zebrowitz
Leslie Zebrowitz
Manuel Yellen Professor of Social Relations
Professor of Psychology
781-736-3263 Lemberg 104

Leslie Zebrowitz (PhD, Yale University) is the Manuel Yellen Professor of Social Relations and Professor of Psychology at Brandeis University. Trained as a social psychologist, she has recently received advanced training in social neuroscience. Her research concerns face perception and age, race, and gender stereotypes with an emphasis on how and why people's physical appearance influences impressions of their traits as well as their social outcomes and psychological development. Her research is currently supported by a grant from the National Institute on Aging to study perceptual, neural and motivational mechanisms that influence accurate face impressions across the life span. The courses she teaches at Brandeis include Seminar in Nonverbal Communication and Graduate Research Methods in Psychology.

Recent Lab Alumni

Post Doctoral Fellow

Robert G. Franklin, Jr., PhD (2013)

PhD Students

Jasmine Boshyan, PhD (2016)

Yi Zhang, PhD (2011)

Mike Strom, PhD (2011)

Amanda Hemmesch, PhD (2011)

Victor Luevano, PhD (2007)

Masters Students

Stacey Ng, MA (2013)

Suzanne Hillman, MA (2012)

Annie Lee, MA (2011)

Ruoxue Wang, MA (2010)

Andrea Sparko, MA (2010)

Shunan Zhang, MA (2007)

Undergraduate Students

Kim Zayhowski (2016)

Jessica Neary (2016)

Jesse Lee (2015)

Melany Vidret (2015)

Marc Zebrowitz (2015)

Katey Duchin (2014)

Daniela Dorfzaun (2014)

Natasia Sun (2014)

SummerXia (2014)

Ilana Abramson (2013)

Joeli Katz (2013)

Laura Cramer (2012)

Joanne Qiao (2012)

Henry Boc (2011)