Crime Reporting

All community members are reminded to report any criminal acts or suspicious activity or individual to the university police immediately at (781) 736-3333 or (781) 736-5000. Be safe, not sorry!

Reporting a Crime

  • Remain calm
  • Identify yourself and your location to the police dispatcher. Your identity will remain confidential, but is necessary in case more detailed information about the incident is needed.
  • State what is happening: robbery occurring, medical emergency, fire.
  • Identify the location of the incident: building name, room number, parking lot.
  • State who is involved: person's name or description.
  • State the suspect's direction of flight: i.e., suspect exited Usdan Student Center and ran toward the Rabb Graduate Center.
  • Stay on the telephone until the police dispatcher has recorded all of the information.

Reporting a Suspicious Person or Circumstances

When reporting a suspicious person or circumstance, the following information is helpful to the police:
  • Automobile: Make and model of vehicle, license plate number, color of vehicle, condition or outstanding characteristics, direction of travel.
  • Person: Name (if known), gender, color, age, height and weight, clothing (color and style), weapons (type), method and direction of escape.
  • Property: Type, model number and style, serial or other identifying number(s), any additional identifying information.

Timely Warnings

When the Department of Public Safety becomes aware of criminal incidents that, in the judgement of the University's senior leadership, constitute an ongoing or continuing threat to the campus community, the Department of Public Safety issues a Crime Alert to notify the community.

Depending on the particular circumstances, a Timely Warning will be issued by the Department of Public Safety and the information may be disseminated by using one or a combination of the following: E mail distribution, various campus postings/fliers; and or the activation of the Emergency Notification system to advise the community of the situation.

Stolen Computers

Public Safety and Library and Technology Services cooperate on special procedures for reporting and attempting to recover stolen computers. Learn what to do if your computer is stolen.