98-99 University Bulletin Entry for:

English as a Second Language

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students mayarrange an individual or group tutorial to support their academiccourses by improving their language skills.

The ESL Undergraduate ProgramCoordinator and Instructor is Kitsie Henchman-Sallet.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may enrollin ESL 200a (English for Academic Purposes). Tutorials are alsoavailable. Each semester a special course is offered for non-nativespeakers of English who will be teaching assistants.

The ESL Graduate Program Coordinatorand Instructor is Kevin King.

Courses of Instruction

(200 and above) Primarilyfor Graduate Students

ESL 200a English for AcademicPurposes

This noncredit course willaddress all skills necessary for proficiency in English, but willconcentrate on vocabulary development, pronunciation, listeningcomprehension, speech fluency, and, in some cases, teaching. Agrammar review will include the use of articles, prepositions,the tense system, modals, conditionals, and more. Audio and videotapes will be used. Regular attendance is mandatory. There areno grades given. Usually offered every semester.

Mr. King