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Grade Posting

Sage Basics for Faculty and Staff

Sage Access

To request access to Sage, please follow these steps:

  1. The person requesting access should learn about FERPA by studying the FERPA Training
  2. The person requesting access must pass the FERPA Quiz. A perfect score is required to pass.
  3. The supervisor must complete the Sage Access Request Form. Please note that the requests can only be made for staff who have already completed the FERPA Training and successfully completed the FERPA Quiz.

Sage Documentation


The Registrar's Office is starting a library of short screen capture videos to answer some of the Faculty's most frequently asked questions about Sage. Please share your suggestions about the kind of information you'd like to add to this library. 

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How do I post my grades in Sage?
How do I view my class roster?
How do I view my advisee information in Sage?
How do I find and assign consent codes?
How do I clear my cache in Safari?
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How long must I keep student exams and assignments?
Final exams and other assignments must be kept for a minimum of one year. After one year, student work that is not retained should be shredded.