Writing Assessment FAQs

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Who needs to take the Writing Assessment?

All first year students admitted for the Fall or Spring semester must participate in the Writing Assessment in the summer prior to their admission term.

Gateway students and Transfer students with university writing transfer credit do not participate in the Writing Assessment.

How do I access the Writing Assessment?

Create your Brandeis account. Please allow 3 business days for your Brandeis account to become active. Enrollment in the assessment LATTE course may take up to 1 additional business day upon the activation of your account, so please plan accordingly - this means that you need to set up your account at least 4 days before you plan to take the writing assessment. Once this process is complete, you will be able to view and access the writing assessment on LATTE.

What happens if I do not take the Writing Assessment?

You will be automatically placed in a Composition class in your first semester at Brandeis. 

How much time does the assessment take?

The assessment is will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. It is comprised of 2 sections:

  • Section 1: Language experience questionnaire - No time limit
  • Section 2: Long essay 45 minute limit
I cannot take the assessment before the deadline. What can I do?

Under limited circumstances, an extension can be granted. Please send an email to Leah Steele (lsteele@brandeis.edu) of the Writing Program in order to petition for an extension.

I need extra time for the timed long essay section of the assessment.

Contact Leah Steele (lsteele@brandeis.edu) of the Writing Program to request extra time for the timed essay question.

Can I be exempted from UWS or Composition?

Students who have taken a course equivalent to UWS (e.g., College Writing, Freshman Writing) at another university and earned a grade of B- or better may request to have this credit applied to their first-year writing requirements. All inquiries about transfer credit should be directed to the University Registrar; students should be sure to check with the Registrar before taking such courses. Please note that AP credit in English does not count toward fulfilling first-year writing requirements.