Automobile Accident Procedures

What should a vehicle operator do if an accident occurs?

In the event an automobile accident, the vehicle operator should do the following:

  • Exchange vehicle information with the other vehicle operator, address, license number, plate number, year, make, model of car, name of Insurance Company.
  • Make a clear note of date, time and location of the accident.
  • If necessary, contact the local or state police.
  • Report all accidents immediately to Public Safety at 781-736-5000.
  • Public Safety will submit an Accident Report Form to the Office of Risk Management.
  • If a Brandeis employee is injured, he/she should file a report with the Department of Human Resources – Worker’s Compensation.
  • If a Brandeis student is injured, he/she should file a report with Public Safety.

What should an employee or student do if the other vehicle operator’s insurance company contacts them at work or at home about a university owned, leased or rented vehicle?

The employee/student (vehicle operator) should send all correspondence and refer all telephone calls to Marianne Cwalina in the Office of Risk Management, 781-736-8318. The employee should not discuss the accident with anyone except a Brandeis University representative or a representative of the university’s insurance company.

What if the employee/student receives a summons and complaint?

If the employee/student receives a summons and complaint, he/she should deliver these documents to the Office of Risk Management immediately so the necessary steps can be taken to file a response with the court in a timely manner.

What if an accident occurs to an employee’s personal vehicle while on university business?

The employee should do the following:

  1. Submit an accident report as soon as possible to the employee’s insurance company. The employee’s automobile policy is the primary insurance.
  2. Send a copy of the accident report to the Office of Risk Management, MS 110 and Public Safety, MS 066. The university’s automobile policy will provide excess insurance in the event the employee’s policy reaches its policy limit.
  3. Employee must provide the Office of Risk Management with a letter from his/her department head stating the purpose of the employee’s business trip and confirming that the accident occurred on university business.

Will the employee’s collision deductible be reimbursed if the accident occurred while on university business?

It depends on who is at fault. The employee must submit proof of their auto policy deductible and this can either be a copy of the policy declaration page or a letter from their insurance company. Once the employee has had the vehicle repaired and can show proof of payment of deductible, copy of canceled check (both sides) or credit card statement, the employee can submit this documentation to the Office of Risk Management who will then process the reimbursement.