Unlimited Plan  ....  $2950.00 per semester

17 Meal Plan ........ $2900.00 per semester

12 Meal Plan ........ $2850.00 per semester

*8 Meal Plan ......... $2565.00 per semester

Village Apartment Plan......$2050.00 per semester



Below are the meal plans which will be offered starting with the Fall 2014 semester:

  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited* access to Sherman and Lower Usdan resident dining halls.  This plan includes $175 in Dining Points per Semester
  • 17 Meal Plan:   17 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan.  This plan includes $725 in Dining Points and also includes 5 guest meals per semester
  • 12 Meal Plan:  12 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan.  This plan includes $875 in Dining Points and also includes 5 guest meals per semester
  •  8 Meal Plan:   8 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan. This plan includes $600 in Dining Points and 5 guest meals per semester. This plan is not available to first year students.
  • **Village Apt Meal Plan:  90 meals per semester. This plan includes $450 in Dining Points per semester.                     **This plan is only available to Village residence. Not available to first years assigned to live in Village housing.

*Really unlimited—like as many times as you want.  A cup of coffee, breakfast, a piece of fruit between classes, lunch, a small salad mid-afternoon, dinner, some ice cream a little later...Come on in, any time Sherman or Lower Usdan is open.


Q. Please explain the "new" Take 3 option at Hoot Market.

The Take 3 at Hoot includes the following:  Your choice of any sandwich or salad from the Simply To Go packages.  Choice of small chip or hand fruit (apple, orange, banana) and a medium size fountain drink.   Take 3 option is not available to students who have chosen the Unlimited Meal Plan and can only be used one time per meal period.

Q. How do they compare with the old plans?

You’re getting more meals per week and more points to use in retail. Now you’ll have more opportunity to grab a quick bite after class or late night snack with your meal plan monies.

Q.  Why are the meal plans changing?

When Brandeis selected Sodexo as our dining services partner, we asked them to help update our dining program.  Many hours were spent on campus in trying to determine what students were looking for, where students eat, and when.  Together with guidance from Sodexo, we believe we have designed the best meal plan opions to meet your dining habits and requests.  The new plans will allow more flexibility in the way you use your meal plan.

Q.  What are some of the changes we’ll see in the fall?

First, we are renovating Lower Usdan and converting it to a Resident Dining option featuring a Saute Station, Simple Servings & MyZone areas, and the elimination of paper products for service.  That means that you’ll be able to use your meal plan in Sherman AND in Lower Usdan. With two locations to use your meal plan, you’ll have more variety and easier access.

Additional changes include an expanded menu at Einstein’s, and Kosher grab & go items in the Hoot Market. The Upper Usdan area is also being renovated and will include currito® burritos and more,  hearth oven pizza and a made-to-order sushi bar

Q.  What about meal equivalencies?

The current meal equivalency will change to a Take 3 option. This will ONLY be available at the Hoot Market, and will allow you to grab a sandwich or entrée salad, a side and a beverage in exchange for a meal swipe. Because it’s only in one place, you’ll have more options, including a selection of Kosher items and heatable options. There are a few limits—The Take 3 option will NOT be available to students who choose the Unlimited Plan. It will also be limited to one swipe per meal period. You can still get items to go from our retail locations—they will still take Dining Points in addition to cash, credit/debit, and WhoCash as payment options. 

Q.  Guest Meals & Dining Points—what are they for?

Guest Meals are exactly what they sound like. You can bring a friend or family member into either Sherman or Lower Usdan and use a guest meal as payment for that person. During the first two weeks of the semester, you can choose to donate your guest meals to “Brandeis Be Our Guest” who will in turn, use them to provide food for the guests at Waltham Community Day Center. Guest Meals expire at the end of each semester. Dining Points can  be used in any dining location. At the end of the Fall Semester, any remaining Dining Points in your account will roll over to the Spring Semester. At the end of the Spring Semester, all unused Dining Points are forfeited. You can also use your Dining Points to purchase canned goods at the Hoot Market for the various food drives held on campus.

Still have questions?

Feel free to email us at campuscard@brandeis.edu or call us at 781-736-4230.