Weekly Point Balances

We have created a chart for each of the point plans that are included with all meal plans.  These balances are intended as guides only. Students are free to spend their points any way they choose.  We hope that by using the chart, you will avoid running out of points, or having points left over at the end of the spring semester.  Any questions or concerns, please email us at campuscard@brandeis.edu

Click on the "Weekly Guide For Fall Point Balances" link on the left of this page to navigate to the point plan you would like to view.

The option to choose or change your meal plan on-line is now OPEN for the Spring 2015 semester.  This process will be available until January 6th.  After the 6th, you will need to contact the Campus Card Office to request a change. This can be done by email to campuscard@brandeis.edu or visit the Card Office in Kutz Hall. We would also encourage you to click on the MyHousing button below and complete or update your "personal preferences"  if you have not already done so.


Current Meal Plan Options

For students living in "meal plan required" residence halls, Brandeis is pleased to offer the following plans for the 2014-2015 academic year.

  • Unlimited Plan: ($2950/semester) Unlimited* access to Sherman and Lower Usdan.  This plan includes $175 in Dining Points per Semester.
  • 17 Meal Plan: ($2900/semester)  17 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan.  This plan includes $725 in Dining Points and also includes 5 guest meals per semester.
  • 12 Meal Plan: ($2850/semester) 12 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan.  This plan includes $875 in Dining Points and also includes 5 guest meals per semester.
  •  8 Meal Plan: ($2565/semester)  8 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan.  This plan includes $600 in Dining Points and 5 guest meals per semester. Not available to first year students.
  • Village Apt Meal Plan: ($2050/semester) 90 meals per semester.  This plan includes $450 in Dining Points per semester. (only available to students living in the Village).  NOTE:  First years who may be assigned housing in the Village must choose the Unlimited, 17 Meal Plan or 12 Meal Plan.

Points that come with the above meal plans are valid only in Dining Services locations, including Sherman Dining Hall, Lower Usdan, the Boulevard, The Stein, Hoot Market (Usdan), Einstein's in the Shapiro Campus Center and Starbucks in Goldfarb/Farber Library and in the Schneider Building. Points can also be used in Dunkin Donuts, Peets, Louis Deli, and Mandel. Any unused points at the end of fall semester will carry over to spring semester. Note: you must continue to be a current registered student in order to use your "Carry Over" points from the fall semester. Unused points do not carry over from year to year, and there is no refund for unused points or meals.

The meal plans listed above are valid in Lower Usdan and Sherman Dining Hall.  Both of these locations feature "all-you-care to-eat" service for the price of one meal.  If using WhoCash, dining points, cash, or credit card to pay for entry into Lower Usdan or Sherman Dining Hall, the door prices are as follows:

Breakfast: $6.95                Lunch:  $8.95           Dinner:  $10.95              

Brunch:  $9.95                                  Special Event Meal $12.95


For students living in off campus housing, or in a residence hall that doesn't require a mandatory meal plan, why not try one of our 2 "New" Voluntary Meal Plans...

The Judges Combo - For students who want the best of both worlds, this plan offers 50 meals and $300 in Dining Points.  Use the meals in Lower Usdan or Sherman Dining Hall (when you're really hungry).  Use the Dining Points to grab a quick snack before or after classes.  The cost of this plan is $725.

Points Plus - With a starting balance of $1100 in Dining Points, this plan is designed for the student who is always on the go, but still needs to take time to grab a quick meal.  Whether at Louis Deli, Peets, Dunkin Donuts or any other dining location on campus, this plan is almost too good to pass up.  Oh, and it comes with 5 "bonus" meals which can be used in either Lower Usdan or Sherman Dining Hall.  The cost of this plan is $1000.

Come to the Campus Card Office in Kutz Hall with a check made out to Brandeis University and your meal plan will be on your ID card before you can get back to the dining hall. Voluntary meal plans cannot be billed to your SAGE account and we can't accept credit/debit card as payment.  Voluntary Meal Plans are not transferable or refundable and most important, cannot be purchased in lieu of a mandatory plan if living in a residence halls that requires a meal plan.  Mandatory meal plans are listed above.