Weekly Point Balances

We have also created a chart for each of the point plans that are included with other meal plans.  These balances are intended as guides only. Students are free to spend their points any way they choose.  We hope that by using the chart, you will avoid running out of points, or having points left over at the end of the spring semester.  Any questions or concerns, please email us at campuscard@brandeis.edu

  • Flex Points
  • 5 Meal Combo Points
  • 10 Meal Combo Points


Current Meal Plan Options

For students living in off campus housing, try our "NEW" Voluntary Meal Plan

For $675.00, you get 50 meals and $300 in dining points.

This is a great way to introduce yourself to Sodexo, our new dining services partner. Whether you're trying out a new menu item or just picking up a salad to go, paying with your ID card will make your life easier. No more digging around for lunch money every day.  Just have your Brandeis ID card ready to hand over to the cashier.

Come to the Campus Card Office in Kutz Hall with a check made out to Brandeis University and your meal plan will be on your ID card before you can get back to the dining hall.  Another payment option is cash.  This meal plan cannot be billed to your SAGE account and we can't accept credit or debit for payment.  Also note: The Voluntary Meal Plan is not transferable or refundable.

For students living in a "meal plan required" residence hall:  Brandeis is pleased to offer the following plans for the 2013-2014 academic year.

21-Meal Plan.............................$2,839/semester

14-Meal Plan.............................$2,631/semester

5 Meal Combo Plan....................$2,465/semester
(not available to freshmen)  

10 Meal Combo Plan..................$2,755/semester

Flex Plan...................................$2,784/semester

Village Plan...............................$1,975/semester
(*Village residents only)

*Note: First Year students assigned to live in the Village are not permitted to choose the Village Plan.                                                                                                     

The 21- and 14-Meal Plans are traditional board plans that allow students to eat one meal per meal period. Both of these plans come with five guest meals per semester.

The 5 Meal Combo Plan gives students 5 meals per week and $1,050 in points per semester. This plan comes with five guest meals per semester.

The Flex Plan gives students 100 meals per semester and $650 in points each semester. This plan comes with five guest meals per semester.

The 10 Meal Combo Plan gives students 10 meals per week but allows you to only eat one meal per meal period. This plan also comes with $525 in points and five guest meals per semester.

The Village Plan gives students 80 meals per semester and $200 in points per semester.

Points that come with the above meal plans are valid only in Dining Services locations, including Sherman Dining Hall, Usdan Café, Usdan Boulevard, The Stein/Ollie's, Quiznos, Hoot Market (Usdan), Einstein Bros. in the Shapiro Campus Center and Starbucks in Goldfarb/Farber Library and in the Schneider Building. Any unused points at the end of fall semester will carry over to spring semester. Note: you must continue to be a current registered student in order to used your "rolled over" points from the fall semester. Unused points do not carry over from year to year, and there is no refund for unused points or meals.

The meal plans listed above are valid in the Usdan Café, Usdan Boulevard, Sherman Dining Hall, and the Stein Restaurant (for dinner). Sherman Dining Hall features "all-you-can-eat" service for the price of one meal. For those paying with cash, WhoCash, credit or points from a meal plan, the door prices are listed below.

Breakfast - $6.00                       Brunch - $9.50

Lunch - $8.50                            Special Event Meals - $12.00

Dinner - $10.50

Both Usdan locations feature a la carte service. All items are priced individually. The meal equivalencies are as follows:

  • Breakfast — $4.55
  • Lunch — $7.30
  • Dinner — $8.25
  • Stein Dinner — $5